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Marine Corps Marathon Selects Always Advancing

mc historic halfThe Marine Corps Marathon has selected Always Advancing to produce the finisher medals for their 2012-2017 events. The partnership, which began with the Marine Corps Historic Half on May 20, will include all events put on by the Marine Corps Marathon.

This partnership adds to our already impressive resume. Always Advancing provides finisher medals for the world’s largest event: the City2Surf in Sydney Australia, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, the Portland Marathon, all of the Spartan Race Endurance events and hundreds of additional events.

“ Always Advancing combines award winning graphic design, precision manufacturing, and dedicated customer service to produce quality products.,  We recognize the high level of competition to partner with a race as prestigious as the Marine Corp Marathon. We are proud that the Marine Corps marathon has recognized our commitment to excellence,”
said Chris Seiler, president of Always Advancing.
“We treat every race with this same commitment to excellence. Our continued growth is a testament to the hard work and dedication that our team has put into  working with our partner races. . As we expand and add more marquee U.S. events and international races, our goal is to be the premiere medal provider worldwide. ”

The world-wide reputation of The Marine Corps Marathon marks another opportunity for Always Advancing to showcase their products abroad. With additional events in the UK, Australia, Jerusalem, Italy, Africa and Canada, Always Advancing continues to solidify its place in the international endurance event market.

Chris Seiler has this to say about the new partnership, “We are looking forward to providing the Marine Corps Marathon and all of its events with a level of service that will transcend providing medals. Our main goal is to grow with these events and continue to build on our success in the U.S, while continuing to build the Always Advancing brand worldwide. This growth has led us to expanding our sales and support team over the last few months. It has been and will continue to be an exciting ride.”

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